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Bingo Balls

Bingo balls need to be replaced every few years. Always replace your bingo balls with the same size ball that matches your bingo cage or electric blower. Shop discount bingo balls made of wood and plastic for small bingo cages. The wood bingo balls are 3/4 inch diameter and the small, plastic bingo balls are 7/8 inch diameter. We also sell 1.5 inch diameter ping pong ball size bingo balls. The professional series bingo balls are made for electric bingo blowers while the less expensive bingo balls are for bingo cages.

Bingo balls are included with all of our bingo sets. All of our bingo balls are 75 number sets ranging from B1 to O75. Senior centers, retirement communities and anyone playing regularly will want to use the ping pong ball size bingo balls because they are easy to pick up and have large easy to read the numbers. Some bingo ball sets have the numbers printed on both sides of the ball. The professional series balls are coated for protection and long life. Their attractive colors make them the first choice for electric blowers and weekly bingo games.

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